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Lactation Consulting

Using her own patented breastfeeding techniques, Judy provides a full complement of services for both new parents and employees of certain organisations who are registered with her. As a registered member of the Health Professional’s Council, all consultations with Judy can be claimed from your medical aid scheme.

Lactation Management Plans

Judy K. Services

  • Planning and support before conception
  • Tailored antenatal classes for couples, or a 90-minute antenatal lactation consultation
  • Breastfeeding consultations in both the hospital and at home
  • Healthy food daily - mum's daily diet
  • Newborn assessments and weighing
  • Postnatal support and advice
  • Sale or hire of breast pumps (covered by most medical aids)
  • Breastfeeding wraps (an HIV support initiative)
  • Corporate consultations and group presentations at your workplace
  • Lactation rooms and support for employees
  • Mother and baby support groups
  • A personalised follow-up support programme, via SMS
  • Full Skype consultations and follow-ups
Corporate Lactation Consulting

Antenatal (Before Birth) Classes

All classes can be tailored to your own individual needs and come with a complimentary goody-bag filled with favourite baby items. Judy is also available for antenatal shopping trips, hospital visits, home visits and telephonic consultations. See the Antenatal class topics below.

Judy K. Services

  • Pregnancy: Hormonal and psychological changes
  • Birth: Vaginal Birth (breathing, stages of labour, pushing, delivery)
  • Birth: Caesarean Section (spinal, theatre, recovery)
  • Breastfeeding: Skin on skin, latching, follow-up support
  • Baby at Birth: Apgar scores, physical examination, TWINS, neonatal ICU
  • The first 6 weeks: Sleeping, nappy changes
  • Baby Bath (practical demonstration)
  • Support systems: Postnatal support, postnatal depression signs, practical tips
  • Healthy food daily - mum's daily diet

Judy K. Support

“I wish I had known Judy when I had my first-born. If you want a health professional who is going to give you long-lasting support with absolutely no judgement and an angel who will get you through those dreaded initial growth spurts, Judy is the lactation consultant for you.” – M. Van Der Merwe, mother of two

Nursing Assistance
Mom and baby support

Corporate Wellness

Judy consults with corporate clients who wish to improve their in-house lactation facilities. She is available to meet at your workplace in order to discuss how she can bring an additional dimension to your company’s wellness programme. Find out more information on her pricing page.

Judy K. Support

“You’d think after successfully breastfeeding your 1st child for almost a year, that the 2nd one would be a piece of cake. It wasn’t the case for me and Judy was a huge help when I found latching very painful. After my 3rd son was born a month early and we were given an unexpected diagnosis of Down syndrome, she was one of the first people I phoned. Breastfeeding was a struggle. I think my initial shock and anxiety played a big part and Nicholas was sent to the NICU for sucking difficulties. Every day Judy came and assisted me with trying to get him to bottle feed. It’s thanks to her that he was able to come home after 3 weeks, without a feeding tube and on a bottle. I’m now a mom of 4 and Judy has played an integral part in my children’s lives. I highly recommend her for feeding advice for all babies, including special needs.” – L. Schoeman, mother of four children

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Specialised Services

Although all births are important and beautiful, some require more time and expertise than others. I have dealt with a number of specialist cases. I have assisted with the care and maintenance of newborns born with special needs. Assisting in the long term feeding of babies born with Down Syndrome. JUDY HAS WORKED ON SURROGATE CASES - assisting the biological mother with immediate skin on skin post delivery. As well as supporting the surrogate to express and maintain lactation for months post birth. Recently, Judy had to courier frozen breastmilk from a surrogate in Pretoria to the newborn in Cape Town. Judy also assists same-sex couples with breastfeeding and stimulating breastmilk with the use of a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS), thereby promoting bonding, Brain development and milk supply all skin on skin at the breast.

Judy K. Essentials

Judy sells a number of products and snacks to help make the breastfeeding process more comfortable and fun. Please ask Judy for more information at your next consultation.

Happy Moms
Breastfeeding Support

It’s All About The Newborn

"Besides being my Lactation consultant, Judy was an amazing Mental coach for me, encouraging and guiding me along the way. At times I felt desperate and she was there for us." – A. Robertson, mother of Kiara and Sabian