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“My wife recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Judy has been a blessing helping us with all things related to breastfeeding. Judy goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and explain the thinking behind all advice given. Judy has also done a lot of her own research into breastfeeding and has come up with some of the best techniques I have ever seen. Watch this space as I think Judy is about to transform breastfeeding globally.” – A. Marsh, father of Logan

“My second born is less than 24 hours old and I've already got him doing shark bite, flanging his lips and all the other little tricks you taught me the first time around. I wouldn't have been so confident if I hadn't found you! My 14-month-old was just visiting and she is thriving-something I attribute to the breastfeeding. Not only did you help me immensely by teaching me to breastfeed my premature baby but you also held my hand through introducing solids! Thank you so much for all your help...you will never know the difference you made in my life!” – A. Robertson, mother of Kiara and Sabian

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