Breastfeeding is

healthier for your baby!
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It’s All About The Newborn

“Judy helped me with both my children. She was amazing. She made a seemingly scary situation so manageable. She met me straight after both deliveries and got both babies to latch within the hour. Judy made breastfeeding enjoyable and was always available to help. I couldn't recommend her more highly!” – B. Knoop, mother of two

Having a baby can be an exciting yet challenging time, accompanied by many emotions and questions. As a registered nurse and midwife, a Board-Certified International Lactation Consultant and mother of two young children, Judy can offer you practical advice and helpful tips to guide you along this incredible journey.

But why choose breast milk over Formula? It's simple, breastfeeding is the healthier option for your baby. Multiple respected studies have shown that breastfeeding will provide your baby with significant health benefits, during this crucial period in their development. The first 1000 days of a child's life are essential foundations to assist in health and longevity. Breastmilk provides this solid FOUNDATION.

Why choose Breast Milk?

  • Breast milk reduces your baby’s chances of childhood cancer
  • Breastfeeding significantly reduces the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Breast milk is the best possible "brain food" for babies, as it contains high amounts of DHA and AA (long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids) vital for brain development, visual acuity and intelligence
  • Breast milk is a live substance containing hundreds of immune-modulating factors. Immunoglobulins in the milk prevent harmful bacteria and allergens from passing through to the baby
  • Formula-fed babies are 16 times more likely than breastfed babies to require hospitalisation for pneumonia and respiratory infections in the first year of life
  • Formula-fed babies have a higher chance (up to 25%) of contracting middle ear infections
  • Breast milk is the perfect gentle food, designed for your new baby's tummy
  • Breastfed babies cry less often
  • Breast milk is far cheaper than formula milk
  • Breast milk is always available in emergency situations
  • Breast milk promotes bonding between mother and baby at a vital stage after birth

Breastfeeding Services

It can be daunting to breastfeed for the first time, and many women may experience difficulties on their own. As hundreds of new mothers can testify, Judy will provide you with the preparation, techniques and confidence to ensure a smooth beginning for you and your baby.

I believe parents and newborns deserve the best in life. Knowledge is power, and it is my greatest joy to walk with parents on this exciting life journey.”

Judy Kirkwood
Lactation Management Plans

Breastfeeding Top Tip

Although breastfeeding is the best possible way to feed your baby, it isn’t always smooth sailing. Remember that breastfeeding is a process that you and your baby will learn together. This may take a little time. The most common difficulty mothers encounter when breastfeeding can be averted by using the correct latching techniques.